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5 Creative Ways to Decorate with Pantone’s 2018 Colour of the Year

Every year Pantone, the colour authority, declares its colour of the year. It acts as a guide for the interior designers, decorators, fashion designers, artists and other professionals of the fashion and décor field and creates a trend in the market. This year, the institute has picked Ultra Violet as the colour that’ll rule in 2018.

Ultra Violet is a gorgeous colour that can give a look a new element of energy. It is an unconventional choice with an intriguing appearance that adds life to home décor. It is a versatile addition as this colour can be used in several ways. Be it making a bold statement or creating a serene look, Ultra Violet is the master of all trades.

Using Ultra Violet for home décor might seem a bit tricky. But, it can be mastered with the help of some tips from luxury interior designers. Here are 5 creative ways suggested by the experts to decorate with Ultra Violet, Pantone’s colour of the year.

1) Use as an Accent Piece

The best way to add a mesmerizing colour like Ultra Violet to your interiors is by using it as an accent. Use the colour by creating a powerful violet accent wall, adding some purple throw pillows to your natural coloured sofa, placing a rug in the living room or putting a decent-sized vase on the console table. These little additions make the room more interesting and keep the look stable.

2) Paint the Cabinets

Instead of painting the entire room or cabinet purple, just paint the inside of cabinets or cupboards in the kitchen or dining area. It will give a punch of colour to the décor and give character to an otherwise simple room. Ultra Violet will perfectly accentuate the decorative items or utensils placed in the cabinets and make them stand out.

3) Combine with Red

Ultra Violet and red is an unconventional, yet charismatic colour combination that is capable of making your room look like it came straight out of a magazine. Choose red wall paint or curtains along with purple coloured upholstery to implement this rule-busting statement. This combination works well with Bohemian décor style that embraces a carefree placement of elements.

4) Cover the Ceiling

A ceiling works as a blank canvas where you can experiment with the décor and create a unique look. Cover the ceiling of your living room or bedroom with Ultra Violet patterned wallpaper to add drama to your space. UV wallpapers with geometric patterns are the best to decorate the ceilings and make the room more eye-catching.

5) Use Printed Curtains

If you already have a well-decorated home, then curtains can come to your rescue for incorporating Ultra Violet into the décor. Floral curtains with big violet blossoms with hints of yellow, green and purple on a white background are ideal to give a much-needed pop of colour to your living room. These curtains are perfect to bring a springtime feeling and make the room appear more dynamic.

Take your home décor to the next level by incorporating Pantone’s colour of 2018 into your home. This colour is sure to make your living space trendy and more energetic. The best option is to get the help of a professional luxury interior designer to explore other aspects of adding Ultra Violet to your home.