Dubai Gallery
At Perla Lichi Gallery we offer the best of the best—products and design services showcased in the luxurious H Dubai Hotel penthouse showroom, located in the heart of this modern city, home to Dubai’s famous skyscrapers.

Why Choose Us?

Perla Lichi Gallery in Dubai is a visual candy shop filled with color, unique furniture, special finishes, tantalizing fabrics and decorative accessories–everything in the showroom serves as inspiration for what Perla Lichi Gallery can create in each client’s unique home with our Dubai interior design team.

World Experience

The award-winning designer’s Gallery is a complete design center. Vignettes serve as an inspiration to help clients visualize how their own custom-designed home will look. By viewing actual samples of products and materials, they will be able to see, feel and touch the high end custom products that are combined to create beautiful luxury home interiors.

Professional Team

Perla has assembled a group of the finest professionals representing 20 nationalities who specialize in different areas of luxury interior design. Their combined efforts can create every imaginable décor–from modern style to highly-detailed classic design and everything in between.


Perla Lichi, with her team of experienced professionals and support staff, has put her distinct design signature on a wide range of luxury home interiors and luxury residential projects in UAE, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Egypt, Qatar, Africa, South Africa, North Sudan and elsewhere. “With our experienced design team, and our vertical operation, we can handle design, execution and implementation of our concepts as required by each individual project.” Perla Lichi Gallery also excels in hospitality work, and recently completed several four-star hotel projects in UAE. With its convenient location in downtown Dubai, its own manufacturing facilities and close coordination with sister offices in Florida and India, Perla Lichi Gallery offers an advantageous turnkey solution with our Dubai interior design team. Perla Lichi Gallery is uniquely qualified to provide the best quality, prices and service for clients around the world.

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