With offices in Florida, Dubai and India, and its own manufacturing facilities, Perla Lichi HOSPITALITY offers an advantageous vertical turnkey solution.
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Why Choose Us?

Perla Lichi is a recognized brand in international interior design. With its own manufacturing facilities and offices in Florida, Dubai, and India, Perla Lichi hospitality offers an advantageous vertical solution. Perla Lichi hospitality is uniquely positioned to provide the best quality, prices, services and renowned interior designers for the hospitality market.

World Experience

We have offices in Florida, Dubai and India that offer turnkey services. Perla Lichi is a recognized force in international luxury interior design and is currently celebrating her 32nd year a professional interior designer. Perla Lichi Gallery in Dubai and affiliated offices in Mumbai and India specialize in residential and hospitality design worldwide. The Dubai interior design office is located on the 33rd floor of the H Hotel Office Tower. In Coral Springs, FL, Perla Lichi offices and showroom are located at 7831 West Sample Road.

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Valuable Publicity

Perla Lichi’s work has been widely published in prestigious local, national and international publications related to Dubai interior design and on TV such as her recent appearance on South Africa Broadcasting Company’s “Top Billing” prime time show, which took viewers on a tour inside a magnificent Perla Lichi designed Johannesburg mansion. She has earned more than 850 awards and recognitions for her work with her renowned interior designers. Select Perla Lichi hospitality for your project and you will benefit by association with her well-known brand.


Perla Lichi Hospitality offers a unique vertical solution. We are uniquely qualified to provide the best quality, prices and service for this market. Combine this with Perla Lichi’s extraordinary, luxury interior design expertise, and there is no doubt that Perla Lichi hospitality offers an ideal solution for hospitality projects around the world.

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