Bring Renowned Luxury to Your Hospitality Project with Perla Lichi

Creating an inviting and warm space is essential to any hospitality interior design job. When creating luxury hospitality spaces, hiring the right designer for the job is crucial. That’s why Perla Lichi, one of the world’s most recognized luxury interior designers, is perfect for your luxury hospitality job. Perla Lichi has a variety of experiences globally and with an array of different spaces. Here’s why she’s ready to take on your luxury hospitality design project:

Having a design company that has a variety of services not only saves you time, but also money. Perla Lichi’s offices host a number of luxury interior designers, craftsmen, and project managers who work together to create one of a kind spaces. These professionals know what goes into every project, giving you peace of mind that all of the necessary elements are being taken care of.

Perla Lichi’s offices are international along with her manufacturing facilities. This way, no matter where you are located, you will get exceptional service. Perla Lichi’s manufacturing facilities create custom textiles, furniture, and built-ins that will make your space unique and beautiful. Not all luxury interior designers have these types of facilities ready and available for their clients. This is just another way Perla Lichi goes beyond the services offered by other luxury interior design firms.

Finally, bring valuable experiences and world recognized design to your hospitality venture. Perla Lichi has been widely published on local, national, and international levels. From TV spots to magazine articles, her designs have been admired by many. With these publications and world renowned projects, Perla Lichi and her team of luxury interior designers have considerable experience. Her well known style and professionalism will bring many benefits to your project!

Choosing luxury interior designers for a hospitality project can be difficult. However, when you want timeless, luxury design, be sure to choose Perla Lichi. Associating your hospitality venture with Perla Lichi will add value instantly. See more of Perla Lichi and her team’s amazing work by visiting her gallery or her blog. Contact Perla Lichi today to inquire about a price quote and get your hospitality project started!