Coastal Cottage Interior Design Ideas

Whether you live near the shore or your home is miles inland, you can feel like you are at the beach any time when the interior design of your home has a coastal cottage vibe. With the help of an interior designer who can create luxury home interiors, you will feel as if you are on a permanent vacation. A casual style that is warm and welcoming. What’s not to love about luxury home interiors that are inspired by the coast?

The Color Scheme

The colors you use in design play a big part in the look you are trying to create. For this design, you have a few different options. You can either choose colors that mimic the sea — turquoise, teal and aqua — you can pick a palette that includes neutral tones that are inspired by sandy dunes — light pinks, beige, and white — or you can include colors that have a more nautical look, such as navy blue and white. All of these colors call to mind the coast, which is exactly what you are trying to achieve with coastal style luxury home interiors.

The Furnishings

Fill your space with casual furnishings that are comfortable and inviting. For a living room, you might opt for an overstuffed canvas sofa and a pair of wicker chairs. In a bedroom, a bed frame made from lumbar that resembles driftwood would be ideal. In the dining room, choose a large whitewashed table and chairs that have canvas coverings. The key for the furnishings in these types of luxury home interiors is to make sure that they are casual and comfortable.

The Decorative Accents

To finish off the look of your coastal cottage, you are going to want to bring in some decorative accents. Hang pictures of the shore. Fill a glass vase or pillar candle holders with beach glass, shells or sand and set them around the space. Turn pieces of driftwood into sculptures and display them throughout the space. Cover the windows with light and airy sheers or plantation shutters.

On the floor, lay a braided or a jute rug. Use brushed cotton linens in white or hues that coordinate with the color scheme you selected for the space. Basically, anything that reminds you of the beach will work with this type of design. You may need some help creating the luxury home interiors of your dreams, and if you do, you will want to hire the best. Perla Lichi is an expert in luxury interior design and decorating. Contact her today to inquire about her luxury interior decorating and design services.