What Can Perla Lichi Institute Teach You?

In addition to being one of the world’s renowned interior designers, Perla Lichi shares her knowledge through the Perla Lichi Institute. This isn’t your average class on interior design. Perla teaches practicality and technicality of design while encouraging every student to add their own creative touches. Perla Lichi has been a designing force since 1990, so she is easily one of the best to learn the ins and outs of luxury interior design from.

The Perla Lichi Institute has 11 lessons that range from the history, technicalities, and personal interactions that go into interior design work. For example, Lessons One and Two dive into the History and Visual Language of Interior Design. Perla Lichi understands that to be in the community of renowned interior designers, one must understand the basics.

Additionally, the Perla Lichi Institute dives into lessons of Space Planning, Lighting, Color, and other elements. Perla Lichi is famous for her luxury details, custom furniture and textiles, and built ins. You’ll learn how these luxury elements can turn a space from ordinary to extraordinary. While some of these lessons, such as color and accessorizing, might seem obvious, it is these details that set the average designer apart from renowned interior designers.

Finally, you’ll end the course with how to work with clients. While you might be one of the most renowned interior designers out there, your reputation with clients can sometimes overshadow your work if not done correctly. Perla Lichi has experience with clients and projects of all sizes and from all over the world. She is easily one of the best instructors to learn from on how to communicate with clients because of this. Working with your clients is a large part of the job! So learn from the best.

If you are starting out in the luxury design world or simply want to increase your expertise, enrolling in the Perla Lichi Institute is for you. You’ll get an in-depth look at all of the elements that are needed to put a gorgeous space together. Learn from one of the most world renowned interior designers in the comfort of your home or office today! Sign up for the Perla Lichi Institute today and start bringing amazing spaces to life.